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Camille Bernery

I am a PhD student in the BioM (Biodiversity Dynamics & Macroecology) team, at the E.S.E laboratory in Orsay, France. I am working on freshwater fish invasions and their direct and indirect drivers. I am supervised by Franck Courchamp (Biom, Orsay), Céline Bellard (Biom, Orsay), and Boris Leroy (MNHN, Paris).


E.S.E laboratory

      The scientific activities of ESE cover a wide range of research in ecology and evolution, focusing on the origin and dynamics of biodiversity and the evolution and functioning of ecosystems. Several ESE researchers study the effects of global changes, particularly climate change, for populations, communities and ecosystems, and the response to such changes.

    Among these projects, some are closely linked to societal concerns and contribute to the development of decision-making tools for managers of biodiversity and social-ecological systems.

UMR 8079

- Laboratoire Écologie, Systématique et Évolution - 


     The BioDyM team’s researches focus on diverse topics, all related to large-scale biodiversity conservation facing the impacts of human activities. We are particularly interested in the consequences of climate change and biological invasions on biodiversity, with a particular attention for island ecosystems. Population dynamics is also a complementary axis of our studies to better understand the underlying ecological processes and consequences of biotic interactions at local scale.


      Our studies may mobilize different complementary approaches, such as lab experiments, field observations or various analytical approaches (meta-analyzes of the literature results, modeling, statistical analyses).

Biodiversity dynamics and macro-ecology

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